About Gueno

Gueno Consulting Engineers (GCE) is an award-winning engineering and consulting firm, with 160 professionals and an impressive track record spanning for more than 45 years. Our practice is all about breaking new ground, yet our legacy of listening and learning remains constant. Gueno has been providing and submitting Project Management Consultancy, architectural/engineering studies and designs, and implementing development projects in public and private sector since the start

Gueno has enjoyed a steady increase in business volume, scope of service and geographical spread of activities.  The company has completed over 200 major    projects, mainly in Iran but also in several countries abroad. A number of project accomplished by Gueno have been financed by international institutions such as World Bank and Islamic Development Bank.

Our people are the best, and brightest in the industry and we ensure the right combination of the firm’s resources is applied to solve the unique demands if each project.

Gueno has been certified by Management and Planning Organization (IRAN) to offer and perform services in different fields of engineering disciplines such as "Construction Services Qualification", "Contract Work Qualification" and "Qualification Certification for Design and Construction Contractors".

In addition, Gueno has been able to obtain ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and also OHSAS18001:2007 and is currently member of the local & international institutions and associations.